Yontoo is a browser add-on that horizontally crosses the internet rather than the standard vertical website archive.
Yontoo LLC was founded by a small group of people that had worked together on previous projects and start-ups. We got tired of feeling like there was so much functionality possible for the Web that was not being offered by anyone else, so we decided to provide it ourselves. We've been working on Yontoo since 2006 and are getting extremely excited about the possibilities and potential for this dynamic piece of software.
At Yontoo, our mission is to enhance, extend and personalize everyone’s experience across all websites.
We founded Yontoo to show that the Web can be so much more than individual pages. The beauty of Yontoo comes from the ability to horizontally cross the internet rather than the typical vertical website archive that you see all over the internet. Yontoo takes a backseat to the web page, still allowing the main site to be the center of attention, as it should always be.
For us, the future of the internet is about creating tools which cut across websites and allow users to maximize their internet experience within those individual websites.